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If 90% or more of your taxes owed are deemed to be payable on the tax due date of April 15th, you may be qualified to receive an extension of 6 months, as slated through form 4868. File Your Extension NOW!



Automatic Extension of Time for 6 Months:

Individual income tax filers filing form 1040 and its series, Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C), Independent contractors filing form 1099, Single member LLCs are all privileged to get this automatic extension of 6 months time to file their tax returns from the due date as directed by IRS.



Trusted and Authorized Tax Partner of IRS:

Filing form 4868 through our secured online website always protects your financial transactions towards tax payments including the confidentiality of your personal information at all times making your filing experience as safe as ever possible.

IRS due date is April 15th of the annual tax year but this can be extended up to six months for example October 15th of the annual tax year, when individuals, Sole proprietors (schedule C), Single member LLCs including independent contractors may not be in a position to file their respective tax returns on the due date period this in no way mean by given privileged extension time of six months to defer the actual tax payments as being to be calculated by the due date and it should be accomplished to overcome IRS stringent penalty and interest as payable. For those who never pay their tax by due date as directed by IRS will be penalized.

Avoid the tax irregularities and find a way through the good services of ETAX4868 to gain the privileged extension of time of six months as offered by IRS to make proper corrections in tax accounting to finally summarize the exact tax as payable to IRS.

ETAX4868 website is here to guide each perspective of individuals, Sole Proprietorships, Single member LLCs including independent contractors filing forms for required purposes as mentioned by IRS instructions,so as to analyze how much tax is payable,as being appropriate to respond to the Federal IRS cause and for the public cause,

ETAX4868 is here to provide as a trusted IRS tax partner the online services towards your needed extension of time of 6 months. This request of your 6 months extension can be achieved in no time by using our convenient online web services.

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