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Form 4868 tax extensions can be efiled using in an effective way using easy to use navigation screens. Individual income tax extension is filed using form 4868 by tax filers and IRS has made it easy for income tax filers to file the returns by giving extensions on actual filing period.

EFile form 4868 with today and receive extension on personal income taxes.


Everything Need to Know about Filing a 4868 Tax Extension

Posted by Admin on 19. July 2017 14:37

When the income tax filing due date is fast approaching and you need some extra time to file your 4868 taxes, you are left with one more option of Form 4868. Yes with IRS Form 4868 you can file an extension, which is inexpensive, simple and gives you 6 months extra time to file your tax return. Form 4868 is an application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

Form 4868 Income Tax Extension

When you e-file 4868 form, IRS allows 6 months of time to file your personal income taxes. And the tax extension must be filed on or before April 18 deadlines. When you have submitted the tax extension form, you have time until October 15th to submit your tax information. Note that this extension grants you time to file your tax return and that does not allow you extension time to pay your taxes. Do not hesitate to file an extension time as it saves you from penalties. So when you foresee that there is no chance of filing your returns before the IRS deadline, then it is better to file the Form 4868 electronically.


If you owe tax amount to the IRS and when you miss the deadline, you must need to pay the penalties and interest for not paying the tax on time; even if you have filed 4969 tax extension.  In short, pay the tax amount before the deadline and only filing the tax can be extended. And the most interesting part in Form 4868 is that you no need to specify any reason for applying for an extension. Etax4868 as an authorized tax service provider ensures that the tax filer gets the entire benefits from us. The income tax form filers of 1040, 1040 A, 1040 EZ, 1040 NR, 1040 NR-EZ, 1040 PR, or 1040 SS and 1099 can file their 4868 extensions and get a credit of 6 months to file their tax returns.

Things that you Need to Know about IRS 4868 Tax Extension Form

1.    When you cannot pay the whole tax amount before the April 18 deadline, you can pay as much as you can while you file the extension and pay the rest of the amount when you file the tax return by the deadline of October 15.

2.    When you cannot pay the tax amount in full, you can set up an installment agreement option with the IRS.

3.    You no need to specify any reason for filing your extension.

4.    The extension of 6 month time is automatic when you file Form 4868 and you need to send a special request for it.

When you e-file 4868 Form with you can pay the tax amount to the IRS through any of the payment options. Then you can come back at any time before the extension period and file the tax return. For further queries call us at 703-229-0326 or drop the mail at

Goodbye 2016 Tax Season! What Records Should I Save Securely?

Posted by Admin on 8. June 2017 21:32

Now it’s time to get some air, as the tax filing deadline has passed away. But before making your tax file papers flying in air note how long you need to keep those papers safe. It is not just filing your tax return and submitting before the due date. You must keep the documents safe for future reference if needed. Keep the tax information, documentation, and copy of your tax return without fail.


3 Year Limitation by IRS:


Tax documents such as the copy of filed tax return, W2, 1099, logs for mileage, receipts and other part works that support your tax return credits or deductions must be stored for a particular period. According to the limitations outlined by IRS, you must keep your tax papers at least for 3 years from the date you filed your tax return. For instance, if you have filed your personal tax return this year by April 18, 2017, for the tax year 2016 then you must keep the documents until April 15, 2020.


For Retirement Accounts:


Unlike other cases, when dealing with retirement accounts you must keep the data for about seven years after which the funds have been withdrawn completely. Tax records that include dealing with a property like stocks or equipment must be kept until 3 years which runs out on the financial year and the tax is claimed. If more than 25% of the income is neglected from the tax return, IRS may impose an additional tax even after 6 years. In the worst case, if you have missed or filed a fraudulent tax return then you must keep all your records forever.


Backup or Dispose Procedures:


There are two sets of people who store all their papers safe for years, on another handsome dispose of all wastage on time. But in recent times with advanced technology, you are able to store all your data on your system conveniently. All you need is strong security software in order to keep the hackers away from intruding your personal data.


When you want to trash your tax documents, shredding is advised. Once the papers are shredded throw away the in different trash cans which ensure safe disposal. Either if you backup or trash your data, it should be made safe and secure as those papers contain information about your financial status.

Tax Extension for Small Business by Filing Form 4868

Posted by Admin on 7. April 2017 11:50

IRS 4868 extension is used for filing the 6-month automatic extension time application of personal tax returns. This 4868 form includes the Schedule C for the single member limited liability company sole proprietorship. It is not necessary for you to file separate extension for business in such situations. The profits accumulated from business get included in the total tax owed by you, therefore you include calculations of the business tax loss or profit along with other calculations for personal tax return. With 4868 tax extension, you get an automatic extension time of 6-months for filing your personal taxes until 16th October.

If you are unable to file individual taxes before the due date, you must file 4868 tax extension for 6 months extension of time from the due date of tax return. You need to get this form, fill it up accordingly and then submit it to the IRS. In the form, you must include your contact address and your name, estimated total tax owed for the year, due balance, total payments made and the amount being paid.

Different Types of Small Businesses using Forms 4868 Tax Extension

Small businesses generally calculate their business loss and profit for income taxes and then include the information on personal tax returns. There are different forms that need to be used by small businesses for filing their tax returns with extensions. Due to the fact that small businesses generally file their tax returns along with personal tax returns, the due date generally remains the same as personal tax return the due date which is 18th April (April 15th is Saturday).

  • ·         Single member LLCs and sole proprietorships make use of Schedule C, Form 4868 instructions.
  • ·         Form 1065- Return of Partnership Income Instructions is used by multiple member LLCs and partnerships.
  • ·         Multiple-member LLC members and partners also make use of Schedule K-1 instructions
  • ·         Filing extension for partnership tax returns requires filling and submitting form 7004.

Small businesses that look forward to filing tax extensions should always make it a point to use the services of a tax preparer for filing the extensions. This is because filing tax extensions for small businesses can be complicated and the services of a tax preparer might help in doing all the calculations easily and in coming up with the right amount of taxes due. However, when making the choice of a tax preparer, a CPA or an enrolled agent, it is important to go through the qualifications and the experience of the agent. This will help organizations in ensuring that there are no mistakes made in the tax extension request procedure. It is also advisable for businesses to take the services of the

Getting a Personal Tax Extension – Request 6 Months to File your Taxes

Posted by Admin on 16. February 2017 14:53

Generally, personal tax returns are required to be postmarked or filed by 18th April. In case you are not able to file within the stipulated time, you will have to face a late filing charge of around 5% on the tax amount that you actually owe. The amount is added to the tax balance for the month that you do not file. Apart from the late filing charge, there are fees and interests that also need to be paid for being unable to make the payments of taxes within 18th April 2017.

Nevertheless, if you do not have the ability to file the tax returns within date, there is tax relief for you. You have the flexibility of applying for a time extension of 6 months for filing the tax return. Here, it is important for you to note that you do not have to provide a valid reason to the IRS for requesting the federal tax extension. Approved tax extension will offer you the flexibility of filing your tax returns after 6 months i.e, 17th October 2017.

how to get a perosnel tax extensiom form

The Form Needed for Requesting Tax Extension

Taxpayers can always get automatic tax extension by filing form 4868 (Application for Automatic Extention of Time to File IRS Individual Income Tax Return). This federal tax application form needs to be duly filled in and then submitted to the IRS.

You can file IRS form 4868 paper or e-file procedure is available at website for filing their income tax extension. Others who are not willing to file their tax extensions electronically can choose to file through paper mail. If you're filing by the paper is not notified by the IRS regarding the status of your request. Filing electronically will help you in receiving a confirmation mail regarding the approval or the rejection of your tax extension request.

You need to provide personal information on the 4868 form (your SSN number and spouse SSN number if married filing jointly) will be used by the IRS for identifying you. And also necessary for you to provide an estimate of the total taxes that you owe during the year and the amount that you have already paid. The information provided on the form is used for determining whether you owe any tax amount by 18th April.

Deadline to File a Federal Tax Extension Form

You should file your application before original due date April 18th, 2017 of your tax returns. If you’re going through paper filing, it should reach to IRS by April 18th. If you are efiling form 4868 then you should submit to IRS by midnight on April 18th, 2017.

IRS will give a personal tax extension until October 17th, 2017 to efile your 2016 income taxes. Maybe you have a chance to efile your tax returns anytime during the extension period (6 months). IRS very rarely accepts extensions above 6 months.

Who are the Ones who request Tax Extensions?

This personal tax extension is generally requested by individuals who are financially unstable or the ones who do not have the ability to file their tax returns.

Tax Extensions for Certain Special Circumstances

If you are outside of the United States on 18th April, you will automatically be granted a tax extension for 2 months (June 15th) even no need to file form 4868. Nevertheless, if you want extra time then you should file a tax extension for 4 months otherwise, it is mandatory to file form4868 within 15th June.

How to E-File Income Tax Extension Form 4868?

Posted by Admin on 12. April 2016 11:57

If you do not have the ability of completing your income tax return within 15th April, there are some important tips that you can follow in trying to find out when and how to file for IRS tax extension. Prior to filing for IRS tax extension, it is necessary for you to ensure that the extension is perfect for you. Some common reasons behind pushing the deadline back are:

• You need more time for tracking down the tax documents which are missing.

• Your life has been very busy

• Some unexpected events have taken place in your life.

If you find that you will be unable to complete the federal tax returns within April, it becomes mandatory for you to file tax extension with IRS in order to avoid late payment and late filing penalties. If you file a tax extension, it will give you the flexibility of pushing your filing deadline back by six months which would be 15th October for you. It is necessary to have this in mind that the extension will just push back the original due date for filing the tax documents and it will not provide extra time for paying the taxes that you might be owing. If you are of the belief that you will be owing money during the year, it is necessary for you to come up with an estimate of the amount that you will be owing post filing the extension. The payments for the due amount need to be made within April deadline.

Filing Tax Extension- The Convenient Options that You can Choose

There are some convenient and easy options that you can choose in trying to file your tax extension and they are as follows:

Using an Online Service Provider

You always have the option of making the choice of an online website that can help you in filing the tax extension in no time at all. The website will help you in:

• E-filing the federal tax extension

• Making payment for due taxes directly from savings or checking account

• Printing the PDF copy of the tax extension that has been e-filed

• Receiving notifications regarding the acceptance of the tax extension

• Getting easy form 4868 instructions on filing state extension through mail

Printing and Mailing the Completed Tax extension Form

This is the second option that you can use for filing your tax extension. You can directly mail your tax extension to the IRS directly. For this, you need to print the form, complete it and then mail it to the address of the IRS in your state.

Using Credit Card for paying tax Amount Owed

In case you have mailed or e-filed form 4868 and you are required to make your payment through credit card, there are several Electronic payment Methods that you can use. However, it is important for you to choose a method that is approved by the IRS. The credit card can be used for making the payment for the tax amount either online or through phone.

Everything That You Need to Know in Regards to Tax Extensions

Posted by Admin on 28. March 2016 06:28

15th April is the due date for filing tax returns but many individuals are not ready or prepared to file their tax returns on this date due to some reasons. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service allows the taxpayers to place a request for time extension for filing their tax returns. However, it is to be noted that taxpayers need to place this request prior to the original due date of filing the tax returns i.e. 15th April. There are a number of important things that taxpayers need to know in regards to tax extensions prior to relying on this procedure for postponing their filing obligations.

Is There Any Penalty for Filing Tax Extension?

Almost any individual can receive tax extension which gives an individual the flexibility of using another six months to file his or her federal income tax return. Tax experts, however, would like to caution taxpayers regarding the fact that form 4868 only provides an extension for filing tax returns and not for paying the taxes which are due. Individuals who submit form 4868 extension must keep in mind to make the payments for taxes which are due. This helps in avoiding late fees, penalties or interest which keep on accumulating until the tax return is properly filed. The form actually says “automatic extension” meaning that you will have to submit the form within 15th April and the IRS will grant you the time extension for filing your tax return automatically. There is nothing else that you need to do for getting tax extension. Remember that the tax extension is good for only six months.

How to Get a Tax Extension?

It is always important to keep in mind that tax issues need to be dealt with immediately. Taking action before hand is always necessary especially in regards to taxes. Failing to do so might have an individual falling into great trouble. You must always have this in mind that there is a specific time limit within which a tax extension can be requested. Therefore, it is necessary for you to remain aware of the personal situation you are in. this will help you in determining whether you actually require the time extension for filing your tax return or not. If you are of the feeling that you will be needing the extension or you might face problems in paying the owed tax amount within April, it is always the best thing to tale action at the earliest. You must mentally prepare yourself and take some time in understanding the situation.

It is also important for you to take the advice of a professional in this respect. You also have the option of contacting the Internal Revenue Service for getting the required information. Once you are done with the decision-making procedure and the fact that you need the extension, choose the right method of requesting the extension. The three methods that you can choose from include filing paper form through mail, IRS e-file form 4868 and paying part or all of the due income tax using a debit or a credit card.

Basic Instructions on IRS Efile Form 4868

Posted by Admin on 18. March 2016 06:00

Very similar to the other aspects of filing tax, filling out the  tax form 4868 extension can be a little difficult. Fortunately, there are always some tips that can help you in learning about the correct procedure of filing form 4868 without being penalized by the Internal Revenue Service. When it comes to form 4868 instructions, it is important for you to follow a step-by-step guide that will help you do so in the right manner.

Part 1 Line 1: Identification, Address and Name

One of the most important things and also the first thing that you need to provide is the identifying information which will include your name and your address in the first line of the form. In case of joint income tax return, the names of both the spouses need to be entered so that the names appear on the tax return documentation.

Lines 1 and 3: Providing the Social Security Number

In line 2 of 4 for 4868 extension, you need to provide your Social Security Number. Line 3 is for the people who are filing their taxes in a joint manner. Line 3 needs to be used for filling the spouse’s Social Security Number.

Part 2: Individual Income Tax

You always get the option of rounding-off the cents to nearest whole dollar when filling form 4868. Nevertheless, there are some important things that you need to keep in mind while carrying out this procedure. If you have decided to round-off a single figure, you will have to follow the same procedure for all the figures appearing on the form.

Line 4: Estimating the Overall Tax Liability

This is the line where you have to supply the total income tax liability for the entire year. The number that you provide here will be the same number which appears on the income tax return forms. In case you owe zero income tax liability, you need to enter 0 o the extension application. It is also important for you to ensure that the numbers provided by you are precise. This ensures that the IRS will approve your extension request.

Line 5: Providing the Total Payments

This is the line where you need to provide total payments or the payments that you will actually be reporting on the income tax return. It will include estimated payments of tax and the money withheld from an individual’s paycheck all through the year.

Line 6: The Due Balance

Here it is necessary for you to put down the total balance of unpaid tax for the entire year. This number needs to be calculated by subtracting the number provided on Line 5 from the number provided on Line 4.

Line 7: The Amount Being Paid with Tax Extension

On Line 7, you enter the amount that you will be paying to the Internal Revenue Service.

Line 8: Filers who are Out of the Country

This box should contain a check mark if you happen to live outside Puerto Rico and the United States.

Line 9: Forms 1040 and 1040 NR-EZ Filers

This box needs to carry a check mark if the stipulated time frame for the tax return is mid-June and an individual does not receive wages through which the Federal income tax was suspended.

How to Fill Out the 4868 Tax Extension Form?

Posted by Admin on 14. April 2015 13:36

Many of us have been there, we think we are going to make the deadline for our taxes to be completed, signed, and sent off; and we reluctantly realization that we must file for an extension. For some of you, it may be your first time filing for an extension and you are barely getting the 4868 Tax Extension Form filled out properly. E-FILE NOW

Your 4868 Tax Extension Form

Part I: Identification

·         Line 1

On this line, enter name(s) and address. If you and your husband, wife, or partner are planning on filing a joint tax return you must include both of your names in the order that they will appear on the joint tax return.

Also take note in whether you would like notices regarding your tax extension to be mailed to you at another address other than your own address. Should you decide that you want all communications to be sent to an agent who is acting on your behalf you should include your agent's name along with your own, and your agent's address in this part (Part I).

In case of a marriage, divorce, or any other reasons where you have changed your name after you have filed your last return ensure that you report this to Social Security prior to filing out Form 4868; by doing this, you help prevent delays from taking place during the processing of your tax extension request.

Should your mailing address be changed after you have filed your last tax return, you will have to use the Tax Form 8822 to inform the IRS of this change. You cannot just show a new address on the Form 4868; it will not update your records.

·         Lines 2 and 3

If you are planning to file a joint tax return, be sure to enter the Social Security Number that appears first on your tax return on Line 2. Then on Line 3, you want to enter the other Social Security Number that will be shown on your joint return.

For Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers for Aliens:

Should you be a nonresident or resident alien and you do not have a Social Security Number and you are not eligible to receive on, you are required to apply for an ITIN. While an ITIN is not a requirement to file a Tax Form 4868, you are going to need one in order to file your income tax return. For more information on how you can apply for an ITIN, you can see the IRS Tax Form W-7 and read more about this from its instructions. Take note that tt will take at least 8-10 weeks for the IRS to inform you of your ITIN and what it is. In the event, that you already have an ITIN, be sure to enter it on the tax form wherever your Social Security Number is asked for. If you have currently applied for an ITIN with the Form W-7, be sure to write ‘ITIN to be Requested’ on your tax form wherever your Social Security Number is asked for.

Part II: Individual Income Tax

You must keep it in mind that you can round-off to the cent or whole dollar amounts on Form 4868. However, you must note that you if you do round-off to whole dollar amounts; you are required to round all amounts on this form. To round or drop amounts under 50 cents or to increase amounts from 50 to 99 cents to the next dollar. 

·         Line 4 ― Estimate of Total Tax Liability

Here you want to enter the total income tax liability that you are expecting to report on your tax returns. This amount will appear on one of the forms below. They are:

-          Form 1040

-          Form 1040A

-          Form 1040EZ

-          Form 1040NR

-          Form 1040NR-EZ

-          Form 1040-PR

-          Form 1040-SS

Are you expecting this amount to be zero? If so, enter 0. Now you must keep in mind that you will want to make your estimate as close to being accurate as possible with the information you have. If the IRS, after reviewing everything, finds that your estimate is not reasonable, your tax extension can be subject to being null and void.

Line 5—Total Year to Date Payments

On this like be sure to enter on Line 5 the total payments that you are expecting to report on your income tax returns. This amount should appear on one of these forms.

-          Form 1040

-          Form 1040A

-          Form 1040EZ

-          Form 1040NR

-          Form 1040NR-EZ

-          Form 1040-PR

-          Form 1040-SS

·         Line 6 ― Balance Due

You want to subtract Line 5 from Line 4 and enter your results here on Line 6. In the event you find Line 5 is more than Line 4, enter -0-.

·         Line 7 ― Amount Paying

You find you cannot pay the amount found on Line 6, you are still able to get an extension, but you must try pay what you can to limit the amount of interest owed. Be aware, a late fee on the taxes that are not paid at the original due date of your returns will be charged.

·         Line 8 ― Taxpayers Out of the Country

Are you out of the country on the regular due date of your tax return? If so, check the box on Line 8.

·         Line 9 ― Taxpayers Who File 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ

Did you not receive wages that are subject to withholding tax and your return is to be filed by June 15, 2015? If so, check the box on Line 9.

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The Friendly IRS Form 4868 for Filing Automatic Extension Can Become Unfriendly If the Rules Are Flouted

Posted by Admin on 1. April 2015 07:37

An individual needing an extension of time for filing the Individual income tax returns through forms 1040, Form 1040A, Form 1040EZ, Form 1040NR, Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040-PR, Form 1040-SS have the facility as provided by IRS 4868 as friendly to apply for the automatic extension of time for an additional six months. But an individual should file the application for IRS Automatic Extension of Time to U.S. Individual Income Tax return by April 15th 2015, the exact and regular tax deadline. This will give an allowance like a deferral of tax payments up to six months for the U.S.Individuals filing income tax returns through form 1040 series and the tax deadline will automatically extended to October 15th 2015. 

It is required that the individual should estimate and figure the tax liability as payable to IRS and must pay the figured tax due amount when filing friendly form 4868 for needed extension. This is because the form 4868 will only extend the time for filing individual income tax returns and this will not extend the time to pay the tax as one owe to IRS. So when a tax payment is made to IRS please do not forget to include it in the Payments section of one’s IRS form 1040 or its series as applicable when one file the same.

If the individual do not pay the full amount as one owe to IRS, then IRS will charge an interest on the unpaid balance until one pay the full amount.

It is also required by the individual to pay at least 90% of the tax amount as one owe to IRS; or otherwise one may be subject to a late payment penalty. The penalty is usually half of 1% of the amount owed for each month, up to a maximum of 25%.

The case where-in IRS form 4868 become unfriendly if the individual do not file either one’s tax return or the automatic extension Form 4868 by April 15, the one will be subject to a late filing penalty. The penalty is 5% of the amount as one owe for each month, up to a maximum of 25%.

Individuals can now have the safe, secure way of e-filing IRS form 4868 for the prescribed automatic extension of time for six months through IRS certified tax partner 

Special Rule Of IRS Facilitate A Facility For The Specific Reserved Category Of People From USA

Posted by Admin on 25. March 2015 06:31

The subject of the title will not be confusing if an individual knows the exact fact. There is a special rule as operated by IRS to support those who are abroad, they have two extra months to file their individual income tax return and pay the amount due without requesting an extension form 4868.This holds true for both USA citizens or resident aliens and if who are outside the country on the exact filing date of the US Individual Income Tax returns. The term “out of the country” always means either of these two conditions.

If one live outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Also, their main place of work is outside the United States and Puerto Rico.

Those Individuals working in the U.S. military and who serve outside the United States and Puerto Rico. Especially the military personnel in a combat zone fighting for the country usually get even more time. If they qualify as allowed by IRS, they don't have to file a form 4868 to request for the additional time. But they should include a statement with their return explaining why they qualify for the later deadline. Most of the states in USA allow an extension of the filing deadline. But it is better to check with their respective state of residence for restrictions.

In case of individuals claiming refunds of excess tax as already paid to be receivable. They must file for refunds at the earliest for the timely process of IRS to expedite the individual tax refunds in a timely manner should be understood.

If the given two extra months from the exact due date of April 15th 2015 is not enough as per special rule of IRS, USA citizens or resident aliens who work outside the country may e-file form 4868 through IRS certified tax partner to get further automatic extension of time of 6 months for filing their individual income tax returns on or before December 15th 2015.